What You Don’t Know in Blackjack Will Hurt You

Of all the casino games, blackjack has the lowest house advantage, which basically means that it gives the player the biggest odds to win most hands. The irony is that most blackjack players don’t even know this. And, the player’s lack of this knowledge gives back to the casino its superior house advantage. If you are a serious blackjack player, learn the following pointers by heart and practice as often as you could to reclaim the odds in your favor.

The moment you sit down on the blackjack table you are on a warpath against the dealer, so have a game plan. Know your limits and the amount that you are willing to lose on each hand. If, for instance, you have budgeted only $200 for blackjack and wish to make it last, go to a table with a minimum bet of 1 to 5 dollars. But if you want to grow your bankroll pretty quick, play at a table with a higher limit, which of course, may result in depleting your bankroll faster as just as well. Whatever you game plan is, the thing when you sit at a blackjack table is to have a plan and the resolve to stick to it.

It’s always a bad idea to chase your losses. If you lose a big chunk off your bankroll, don’t lose your cool because this leads to bad decision-making and may only result to more losses. Never make a big bet unless you’re willing to part with it. This way, you can take your losses in stride and not fall into a trap of chasing your losses.

If by chance, the casino has “surrender” rules, play it because this will lessen the impact of losses on your bankroll. Under this particular rule, you can surrender your cards and only lose only half of your bet under certain conditions. If, by a stroke of luck, the casino has a table that requires the dealer to stand at 16 instead of the usual 17, play that table to help increase your odds. Carefully read the bonus rules. Most bonuses have certain wagering requirements and as a part of that requirement, restrict certain casino game. If blackjack is included in that restriction and you want to play mostly blackjack, you may want to have the bonus removed altogether.

All competitive games and sports require frequent dedicated practice, and blackjack is not an exception. Practice your skills at home with family and friends. Better yet, log in to an online casino and play in free games without taking the risk to lose your money.