The Future of Casino Promotions

Online casinos are getting more complex all the time and as the competition rises, casinos are having to find smarter ways to keep players invested. Many casinos have begun to gamify their sites and create a casino which tracks their players gaming habits, often to generate a more engaging personalised reward scheme. It’s called gamification and it turns the entire casino into one giant game, which can be fun enough on it’s own at times to even rival the slots. So to get a better idea of how it all works, let’s take a look at a few casinos that do it best.

Spin Genie Spin Genie is one of the first gamified casinos and it’s still head and shoulders above many of its competitors. Spin Genie’s reward scheme is simply set up as an island adventure. The more spins and deposits you make at the casino, the more islands you unlock to play on. Once unlocked each island will offer you bonuses such as free spins or bonus cash. You’ll also be unlocking further levels of Spin Genie’s own exclusive game, Spin Genie Adventures. Spin Genie Adventures is Spin Genie’s most impressive feature, as it is a fully controllable side scroller, where players have to collect coins and avoid obstacles that give a penalty. The addition of a fun, unique and very rewarding game is fantastic for players and each island you unlock is yet another level you’re able to play.

Casumo Casumo’s reward scheme is even more extensive, offering players rewards near constantly. Casumo’s rewards are split into two categories. First up there are trophies, these don’t give players any special casino bonuses, but do reward players for achieving objectives. These can be as simple as signing in 3 times or verifying your mobile number, but also recognise more impressive feats like achieving a big win in a NetEnt game.

Casumo also offer Valuables. These are tokens which players can cash in to receive rewards. These can include free spins, cash bonuses, or even free cash that can be withdrawn right away. Players are unable to see when they’ll receive valuables or what they need to do to unlock them, so the gamification at Casumo is more of a mystery than we might like. But with the sheer mass of trophies and valuables to unlock, Casumo have made it so there’s always something to be achieving whilst you are playing on their site.

Ikibu Ikibu offers us mixture between the previous two, laying out its player rewards as an adventure, with players unlocking islands by completing objectives at the casino. But at the same time Ikibu also has a store, where players can spend any Ikibu points they’ve picked up so far. Ikibu points is a casino currency that players collect by playing the slots and when depositing. The more points you have, the more you can spend on free spins for specific slots. In this way, you’ll be constantly earning free casino points as you play and then can reinvest these back into the games to set yourself up with a bunch of free spins. It’s a reward scheme that lets you choose just how you want to be rewarded and let’s you pick which games you prefer to be rewarded on.

We hope you found our quick guide to gamification helpful and you feel like checking out any of the casinos mentioned. We at Casinoslots believe that gamification is the future of player rewards, so it’s good to get used to it now, as we will be seeing a whole lot more in the future. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.