The Best New Mobile Slots 2017 – March Release

wild wild west the great train_heist slot

Hello again and welcome to our latest monthly roundup of the best new mobile slots coming out this March. These are our picks for the three most interesting new slots being released from the big name slot developers during March links through to any of the slots, and casinos mentioned can be found in the description below and on the embedded cards net amp wild wild west. The great train heist 23rd February, coming out just at the tail end of February, wild wild west. A great train heist is the perfect way to kick off your March lot session in classic metal style. It’S packed with bonuses to get your month off. To a great start, as far as the bonus features go players can look forward to a free, spins round and pace kick and collect feature.

This one can net you up to 50,000 coins, then on the more random size. Players can also earn one of four random. While symbol features to add to their face gain spin, this includes additional wild, multiply a wild, expanding miles and spreading while overall net. Hence trip to the wild wild west is an excursion worth Titan along four. You can find it at net.

Empowered casinos, like real island from games, one of relief, egged yourself, alchemy, DS, 24 February, alchemy DS is plain and simple. One of the most complex lots of egg result has ever created we’ll try our best to sum it up, but it definitely want to check out for yourself just for the fact that it’s bursting at the seams with brand new ideas, alchemy DS, features a leveling system Where, if you manage to get a win on every area for slot, you will go up a level at the end of each level, you can select to increase the number of wilds you spill onto the reals or increase how high your multipliers can go during a String of losses, in effect, alchemy DS, make sure that once you win once you keep on winning, throw all that in with spreadable wiles, which may any wild cymbal split off into multiple wild4ever. You spin one and you have a slot which keeps piling on the reward from those very first spin. Alchemy DS can be found in the start of March over at Leo Vegas casino playing go Jade magician early March. Jade magician is the all-new slot from hitmaker playing go. The theme of this slot is second chances and we trigger Abul features.

If the prospect of having more chances to win big sounds good to you, then Jade magician may just be for you this March. Every time you spin at least to scatter symbols, you will be given a pick and select minigames to select your random second child symbol. You pick between either some high-value symbols and additional scatter symbol, or you might just get unlucky and win. Nothing pick the high-value symbols and you’ll win big cash or pick the scatter symbol to earn yourself.

I see spin, the free spins are weak writable and you can earn yourself another free spin for every single scatter symbol. You land. During this bonus feature. You can find Jade magician on its release at the start of March over a mega casinos like guts casino. That’S all we’ve got for you this month join us next month. Where we’ll be looking at the best new mobile slot releases or April, see you then