Granny | Horror Game (Teens React: Gaming)

– Ah, I didn’t even see her! Why was she there? – I feel like she’s gonna bend down and kill me.

(screams) Oh my God. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re gonna be playing this. – Granny?

What the heck? Oh no, this looks scary. – Oh, I’ve heard about this before. Aren’t you supposed to escape the grandma and then supposed to find all the clues to get out, basically? – (FBE) Granny’s a survival horror game that gives you five days, or lives, to try and escape granny’s house.

– Not good. I don’t like scary games or movies. – I usually try to stay away from horror games, but you guys always happen to bring me back into them.

– Something about getting scared is fun for me, so I really like to embrace scary games. – I never do well in suspenseful games because when I get scared, I literally jump. – “Tip: Be quiet. She hears everything.

Keep in mind that if you drop objects on the floor, it creates sound.” – “Press and hold the remove button and free yourself from bear traps.” – “Hide under beds or in cabinets.”

Oh my gosh, I don’t like this. – Day one. I’m already scared. – Okay, so I’m just now waking up. – Okay, so I can just move around. – This is so creepy.

I don’t wanna do this. I have an idea. How about I just jump out that window? – So, hide under beds– oh, shoot. Ah!

Oh. I’m underneath the bed. Oh, she’s coming in, she’s coming in, she’s coming in. There’s a bear trap? – (gasps) That’s granny. Close the door.

Wait. (yelling) Granny’s gonna beat me. – (gasps) Ah! No. – Okay, she left.

Let’s see. This is actually– – (creaking) – I think I made a noise. (screams) Oh my God. – Why am I just so scared? I have to unlock that whole door. Okay, I’m dead, I’m dead.

I’m dead. Gosh. – Ah, so is there a door here?

There is a door here. So, you know the old man is in here. – (FBE) Old lady. – Old lady, okay.

Looks like a man. Just gonna open this door. Oh, come on, man. – Which– oh my God.

She’s right there, okay. Just go around. She’s coming, she’s coming. We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go. – (wood breaking) – Ah, okay.

Whoo! See, here we go. This is where it starts. I wanna close this door.

Oh my God, she’s coming. Oh my God, oh my God. Okay, run, run, run, run.

Hide. Whoo, I made it. Even though she’s standing right in front of me. Now you can’t– wait, what? – Am I dead or… okay, here we go, day two.

We’re gonna do a lot better. – Yeah, I know. I can’t pick up the bear trap. Okay.

Now I’m gonna die. Hi granny, how’s it going? – I knocked over the chair.

I feel like she’s gonna bend down and kill me. (screams) Oh my God. – She went in this door. Can I close it without her looking? Run boy, run!

Wait, wait, wait. The bear traps. Is she coming?

Oh God, okay. She’s going to the door. Let’s just hide in here. Why is it not hiding? Oh my God. Dude.

– (floor creaking) – Ah. Oh God, I gotta hide. I’m sorry. Any noise I– (screams) Oh my God. – I don’t like how my character’s limping, but I like how that happens, because you try not to die as less as possible. Okay.

What does it say? The code. What’s the code gonna do? Do I just put that in to the house? – That’s a tripwire. – (bell ringing) – Close, close.

It wouldn’t close. – Just gonna burst– – (bell ringing) – Get in here, get in here. Come on. – (bell ringing) – Jayka, Shut up.

Stop. Okay, if I can’t– oh no, she found me. (sighs) – Here we go. – (bell ringing) – Ah, come on, man. That’s tough. – Day three.

Two more days. – It’s not opening. Uh oh, uh oh.

Pick up the vase then we’re gonna drop it. Press drop and then hide in here, hide in here, hide in here. Oh God. Ah, ah, ah.

I swear. No, I literally– oh my God. – No, no, no, no.

How do you– how do you get out of it? Oh, I’m dumb. No, no, no. Come on. – I’m scared.

Ah, I’m dead. – I don’t wanna make noise before I know where she is, ’cause if I make noise and not know where she is, she could just pop up out of nowhere. – (floor creaking) – Floorboards are creaking and she’s coming, she’s coming, she’s coming.

Let’s go. Hide, hide, hide. Whoo! I hid before she found me.

– Oh wait, what? Why is this here? What the heck? Run, run, run, run underneath. Jeez. That was close.

– Oh, shoot. Run, run, run, run, run. Run, run this way. Let’s go down here.

I haven’t explored– – Do you think she’s downstairs? I bet you she’s downstairs. Ah! I didn’t even see her. Why was she there? – (thud) – That wasn’t me.

I’m gonna die. – (bell ringing) – I didn’t even knock it over. Now at day four. Gosh. I’m just trying to get you across, so I can go to the front door. – Oh shoot, she’s coming, she’s coming, she’s coming.

(screams) Oh my God. It gets me every time. – (gasps) Stop, stop, stop, stop. No! It wouldn’t let me close the door. – Under the bed, under the bed, under the bed.

Oh God. No. – Ah shoot. I just– wait, wait.

How did we… Oh. – She’s gonna see me. Where’s– oh my gosh.

They’re gonna make me go get hammers and stuff. Literally just let me pull it off the door. – Oh, basement, great. Oh no, no. She’s down there? Come on.

– Okay. Ew. It made some noise.

Um, and– yep, there it is. When I turn around… (sighs) – Day five, here we go. The last day. – Oh, there she is, there she is, there she is.

Hide, hide. How come I can’t hide behind that door? (screams) – I didn’t even make any noise. – Oh God.

Oh, [bleep]. Wait, what? I can’t move. It’s not letting me move.

I stepped in a bear trap. I completely forgot about the bear traps. – Let’s just go through here. She’s not over here.

Nobody on this– Oh, I was– yeah. I was gonna say I’ve been knocking stuff over the whole time. I wasn’t even paying attention.

– (floor creaking) – Ah! Oh my God. – Oh no, oh no. I can’t find the cabinet. Oh no.

I can’t find the cabinet! Oh, come on. That is actually really hard. – If I was in a scary movie, we know I would not survive. – It wasn’t a scary game.

It was more of a frustrating game. – I hate it. It’s scary and I never wanna play it again.

– Thanks for watching us run away from granny on the React Channel. – Let us know what other games we should play in the comments. – Granny’s coming. I gotta go, bye guys. – Hey y’all, it’s Omar here.

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