Glass Display Cabinets: essential furniture for the modern collector

Glass Display Cabinets: essential furniture for the modern collector

These days Glass Display Cabinets in the home are perhaps not as common as they once used to be, but once upon a time not so long ago, display cabinets were very much in vogue!

Traditionally used for china wear or glass wear, display cabinets were the cornerstone of the living room, often displaying the family’s most prized crockery. With chic, retro 70’s styling making a strong come back in furniture fashions, Glass Display Cabinets have also started to make their way back to the living spaces of modern suburbia.

Everyone is different – some collectors have a passion for stamps, for others it may be memorabilia from a particular era like the 1920’s or even paraphernalia from a favourite sporting team.  Other collectors focus on valuable artefacts such as precious stones and artefacts.

Using space creatively is the key to making a collection look good and the quality of the glass display cabinet is equally as important.  Corners and unused areas can be utilised superbly to turn dead space into an enthralling feature.

If you have something valuable to display, quality is paramount. Certainly you wouldn’t hang a work of art in a cheap-looking frame, so why skimp on quality to display your artefacts?

All top quality glass display cabinets should be finished superbly and include features like cool LED lighting, to ensure your artefacts don’t get damaged by heat; shatter-proof safety glass and locks for security. Adjustable shelves are also really important as your collection will vary in size and style over the years as you collect new items.

A glass display case is also particularly effective for antiques. Encasing an artefact in a wall display case is a great way to protect it over time from dust and damage, like the antique barometer pictured here.

Display cabinets also come in varying shapes and sizes – ultimately the shape you choose will depend greatly on the items you wish to display. It’s easy to buy an off-the-shelf display.

cabinet from a large retail store but if you truly want to make it your own, or you have an unusual collection that requires specific measurements, opting for a custom display cabinet can have many advantages. You get to choose the colour, style, design and not have to compromise on the detail. For many collectors, going the extra step to showcase their collection pays dividends when they finally get to see their precious items on display.

Choose the glass display cabinet that best showcases your collection and enjoy your collection forever.