Card Game Organizers

Card Game Organizers

Welcome back gamers, so some of you have some questions and concerns about our card game, organizers. More specifically how many cards do they hold? What expansions are accounted for and what game boxes are actually compatible with it? So, let’s take a look at a couple, so first on the list is our crypto deck building game organizer now these are compatible with the deck building games published by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

So a few of the ones that is compatible with are DC Comics deck building game. Teen titans deck building game, The Hobbit deck building game, Lord of the Rings, deck building game and Capcom street fighters, deck building game SIDE NOTE due to different sizes in the Cryptozoic game boxes, we recommend measuring your game box to confirm that the interior is going to Be 11.89 inches by 7.72 inches by 2.76 inches, just to be sure that our organizer will fit. Let’S talk about card counts when we do we’re going to talk about unsleeved, sleeved premium, penny standards sleeves so there’s actually quite a few choices on our website.

So, let’s see here we have ultra pro, we have game plus products and what we typically use more often are the mayday sleeves for this game box. If you leave our wooden dividers in as you can see, there’s a little bit of thickness to them so depending on, if you like, to use our dividers that come with organizers or making your own dividers so I’ll give you numbers for both. If you leave our wooden dividers in the actual organizer for cards, the unsleeved cards going to be 1412 cards in one organizer. If you use the premium sleeves, it’s going to be 584 now, if you use standard or penny sleeves, it’s going to be 1176 cards.

So let’s say you don’t want to use our dividers so unsleeved without the dividers going to be 1635 cards if you use no dividers but with premium sleeves its going to be 676 cards. If you use penny sleeves, it’s going to be 1139 so, depending on how many cards you have, if you like, dividers and whatnot, that’s your choice. Now, let’s take a look at our encounters: organizer compatible with legendary encounters by upper deck.

Now, as you can see, there’s room enough for the player mats and as far as what it’s compatible with there is the aliens version, the Predators version and also it fits in the Firefly deck building game, as well as far as card counts. We do include the wooden dividers, as I stated before, so if you like, leaving in the wooden dividers, you can fit 2434 unsleeved cards now. If you use premium sleeves, it’s going to be a total of 1007 cards and with Penny or standard sleeves 1819. Now, if you leave, the wooden dividers out is going to be a total of 2556 unsleeved cards for premium 1057 cards in with penny or standard sleeves 1910 cards.

Next up is our villains organizer, which is compatible with legendary villains by upper deck. So, as you can see again, there’s enough room for the player mat and there are wooden dividers. So if you leave the wooden dividers in, you can hold up to a total of 2346 unsleeved cards. Now, if you use the premium sleeves, it can fit 970 cards and for penny or standard sleeves, it’s going to be a total of 1753 cards.

Now, if you want to leave out the wooden dividers and just utilize the paper dividers that are provided, you can hold up to a total of 2468 unsleeved cards or 1021 with premium sleeves and then a total of 1844 for penny or a standard sleeves. So next on our list, we have our sleeved or unsleeved card game organizers for these organizers, there’s quite a few boxes that are compatible. There is android netrunner the card game, Casinoslots New Zealand card game. First edition second edition: we’ll talk about that in a little bit. Warhammer invasion, Lord of the Rings, the card game, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars, the card game, Thunderstone, the big box, high command, ( hoards or war, machine, core box, ), Doomtown reloaded and then Dominion. So the Dominion will be compatible with this organizer.

But there are quite a few cards out there, so we do recommend going over to our website and taking a look at our high capacity card case options depending on. If you like to sleeve or not sleeve your cards, we do have those card counts, but I would like to point out that, with the sleeved card organizers, there is an option to have a bits box for your smaller component. So we have a short bits box which we’ll take up, as you can see here about two-thirds of know the middle lane, and with that, then you can put all your smaller components inside. If I can open it all your smaller components inside and then that way, you don’t have to use plastic baggies to put those in the box or there is also an option to do a long bits box and that actually takes up the full entire middle row. So, depending on what you like, you can get those, as a few add ons for the unsleeved version.

You can fit these bits boxes in that organizer as well, however, the middle lane, and that organizer is going to be a little bit wider, so they won’t fit as perfect as they do for the sleeved organizers. Now, as far as the card count for these organizers with a sleeved organizer, you can fit a total with dividers 783 cards. With the premium sleeves with the penny or standard sleeves, it’s going to be a total of 1415 cards now with out the dividers, its going to be 821 total with premium sleeves or 1483. With the penny sleeves for the unsleeved version, with the dividers, the wooden dividers, you have a option to store 2886 and without the wooden dividers you have a total of 2972 cards.

This does differ a little bit depending on. If you choose to use the one of the bits boxes now, we have our compact card game organizer compatible with the LCG games by Fantasy Flight. As far as what’s compatible, we have Warhammer 40,000 conquest, A game of Thrones the card game. Second edition, I told you we’d be back to that and Arkham Horror the card game. Now as you now, as you can see, the organizer will create a little bit of lid lift, so we do recommend getting your hands on our eight inch box band-its. We have a few different sizes in our shop.

I do recommend using these. If you like, to store your game boxes vertically, anyways keep them closed and you travel with them a lot. You can know that your games are being stored properly. So, as far as the card counts, so with the wooden dividers, you can store up to 955 unsleeved cards 573 with premium sleeves 754 with penny or standard sleeves.

If you leave the wooden dividers out, you can hold 1115 unsleeved 669 with premium sleeves or 850. With penny or standard sleeves, and as you can see too, with this organizer, you get this cool little bits box that fits right in the center store, all your little components. So it’s a pretty good organizer. We showed the villains. So now we have to show the heroes, so our legendary organizer is compatible with Marvel legendary by upper deck. Now, as you can see, there’s a pinwheel design just a little bit of a different design, and I believe that is made.

So it can carry the most amount of cards because there are quite a few expansions out there, so this will fit the Marvel deck building game and there are expansions like Captain America, 75th anniversary, Dark City, fantastic, four guardians of the galaxy paint, the town red secret Wars, volume, 1 secret Wars, volume, 2, noir civil war, x-men and dead pool now, with the card counts for this organizer, because there are so many expansions leading to a lot of cards, you might have to leave one or two of the expansions out and that’s unsleeved. If you use premium sleeves, you might have to worry about three or four of the expansions, depending on which sets you like to put in your organizer. So with our wooden dividers that we provide, you can fit up to 2399 unsleeved cards 1404 with premium sleeves 1869. With the penny sleeves now, if you choose to leave out our wooden dividers for this organizer, you can fit up to 2460 unsleeved cards 1440 with premium sleeves 1917 with the penny sleeves and also, as you can see, there’s a little compartment here. So you can put your game components right in there.

The last card game organizer that we’re going to go over is the ascension box organizer compatible with ascension deck building game by Stone, blade, entertainment now for this game. Specifically, we’ve had a little bit of trouble because there are a few different versions of the boxes out there, but we did come up with a measurement that should fit all of those out there. So if you can just measure your box of the interior and confirm that is 13.06 inches by 8.07 inches by 2.6 inches now with the card count with this organizer, because there are so many sets with this game, you can hold with the wooden dividers included. 2044 unsleeved cards. Now, if you use premium sleeves, you can fit up to 1226 cards. If you leave out our wooden dividers, you can hold up to 2121 unsleeved cards.

If you use premium sleeves, you can hold up to 1272 premium sleeves and, as you can see, you can fit the acrylic pieces as well inside the game box. Alright gamers! That’S about it for today. If you have any other questions about the card game, organizers, leave your questions below and I’ll try to answer it as soon as I can and if you’re interested in more about what we do here, make sure to subscribe to our Channel and if you’re interested in About our products make sure to head on over to and check it out and we’ll see everyone next time, bye,